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With schools shutting down in response to the pandemic and online learning becoming normal, there are a lot of families whose kids are struggling because they do not own a personal computer or laptop. The team at San Diego Community Assist want to ensure that these families and their children can see hope in such dark times. To do our part in supporting the community we will be issuing laptops to kids and giving food boxes to people and families in need. The giveaway will happen on March 13, 2021, and our goal leading up to this event is to raise $25,000. We’re dedicated to the cause of helping as many kids and families as possible and we’re here to ask for your assistance in helping the community of San Diego. All your donations will be put towards putting laptops and food into the hands of families who need it. We’re grateful for all your donations and your time and we hope that together we can put a smile on many faces during these times and make a difference where it counts the most.
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About San Diego Community Assist

San Diego Community Assist (SDCA) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the major issues of San Diego, California. The company wants to help solve homelessness, assist teachers and students with education programs, provide employment support, and help with the housing shortage. We also aim at reducing the crime rate by creating programs and services to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.

San Diego Community Assist 2020 Christmas Event

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Effect of COVD-19 on San Diego

The San Diego regional economy saw a downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in an official U.S. recession. Six months into the pandemic and subsequent economic disruption, many in the San Diego region have experienced some sort of hardship; however, as SANDAG has noted in recent publications, some groups have been disproportionately affected, including females, minorities, lower income earners, and younger employees. With an estimated 176,000 workers still unemployed due to COVID-19 in the San Diego region, lower-income workers are more likely to be out of work as this pandemic continues, compared to middle- and high-income workers.
In addition, three sectors were disproportionately represented among employment sectors hardest hit: Tourism, Retail, and Education. Across these sectors, an estimated 141,000 employees (80% of those unemployed in the region) lost an estimated $3 billion in wages (representing 63% of all lost wages in the region). Additional disparities include females being more likely to experience a job loss in the Education sector, and younger workers and those who identified as Hispanic being more likely to lose jobs in the Tourism sector.

Food Drive at Christmas by San Diego Community Assist

SDCA believes in improving the quality of life in San Diego, California by providing business, medical, educational, and social services to people in need as well as provide opportunities for career building and training. The essence of Christmas is to gather in social settings and share mutual pleasure of the holiday. Times when COVID-19 has decimated so many Americans and impacted lives in immeasurable ways, these holidays will be the most challenging for countless people. This Christmas, SDCA intends to give 500 toys on December 21, 2020 to kids and 500 turkeys to law enforcement officers, first responders, and veterans, and 500 meals to homeless and those impacted by COVID.

Christmas in the United States

The original meaning of Christmas is a special church service, or mass, to celebrate the birth of Christ. The story of the Nativity, or the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, are particularly important in religious celebrations of Christmas. However, many traditions that are around today have their roots in pre-Christian winter festivals. These include the importance of candles and decorations made from evergreen bushes and tree, symbolizing everlasting light and life. This is a relaxing time with a lot of parties and merry making. It is also common to give other people small gifts, such as dolls for children and candles for adults. In this time people burn logs and hold parties. These customs have influenced how Christmas Day is celebrated today in the United States.

Thanksgiving event

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